Thursday 9 August 2007

Video as a means to freedom of expression

It is really worthwhile to visit because it provides opportunities for young people to present their ideas and views on issues of their concern and interest through one minute videos. Many of these videos are on the website – and many are really good. For more information see below and their website.

From the website:

What are one minute videos?
They are sixty-second videos made by young people (between the ages of 12 and 20) from all over the world. Time may be limited in a oneminutesjr video (this challenges the youngsters to form their ideas clearly), but not the freedom to express oneself creatively, which is the basic right of every person.

What is the oneminutesjr network?
It is a non-commercial community without any set political belief or ideology. the network gives young people – especially those who are underprivileged or marginalised – the opportunity to have their voices heard by a broad audience, to share with the world their ideas, dreams, fascinations, anxieties,and viewpoints.

Why does the oneminutsjr network do what it does?

Because we want to:

encourage youth expression, motivating youngsters to articulate their opinions and concerns about their communities, their environments, and about life itself.

create an international platform for the visual communication and exchange of one-minute messages, unhindered by language barriers.

create the opportunity for all young citizens to speak out and make their voices heard by a broad and diverse audience.

provide a space for informal learning, innovation and creativity.

stimulate networking, debate and discussion.

bridge the gap between the media, the arts and young people.

involve marginalised youngsters and give them more of a chance to participate in opinion-making processes.

offer an arena and suitable tools for experiencing diversity – both differences and similarities.

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