Saturday 11 August 2007

Useful Link: Children, Youth and Environments

Children, Youth and Environments

CYE publishes a peer-reviewed online journal that offers researchers a high-quality, refereed outlet for sharing their work and learning about new studies in the field. Several databases provide supplemental information (see resources listed in the Site Map).

CYE has a global audience and seeks to connect the worlds of research, policy and practice.

The journal publishes papers on a broad range of topics and using different approaches, including quantitative and qualitative empirical research, theoretical, methodological and historical investigations, critical literature reviews, design analyses, post-occupancy evaluations, policy studies, and program assessments. We welcome papers from diverse viewpoints, varied approaches, and different cultures.

Although CYE’s scope is not restricted to a particular disciplinary or professional paradigm, its organizing focus is the physical environment. CYE takes a special interest in papers that focus on children and youth in environments of disadvantage and those with special needs as well as in papers that recognize the capacity of children and young people for meaningful participation in the processes that shape their lives.

One of the latest issues looks at critical perspectives on children's participation.

More about that later.

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