Sunday 25 April 2010

Participation rights of pre-mature babies

At what age can children participate?
From the moment they are born.
Priscilla Alderson, Joanna Hawthorne and Margaret Killen present a strong case for citizenship rights of babies based on fascinating research in four neonatal intensive care units in Southern England. Their paper aims to show how rights are realistic and relevant to premature babies and, therefore, to all older children too.

"part of being a rights-holder is to have some say in how one’s rights are defined and respected. There is a transfer of some acknowledged expertise and authority to the child. The neonatal examples suggest that babies too can have unique insight into their best interests, and adults need to take account of these if their decisions about care are to be adequately informed and humane."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Henk for including this article - it has given a new perspective on advocacy with regard to children's participation -even teeny tinies!