Sunday 25 January 2009

Evaluating the Children’s Commissioner for Wales

"We think this is the first time anyone has studied a Children’s Commissioner anywhere in the world – certainly the first time it has been done by children and young people. It is not perfect, but we are proud of what we have done and we hope others will follow our example."

A very useful and reader friendly account of a research by children and young people into the performance of the children's commissioner in Wales.

The Children's Commissioner and the team are there to help make sure that children and young people in Wales:
· are safe from harm and abuse
· get the opportunities and services they need and deserve
· are respected and valued
· have a voice in their communities and are able to play as full a part as possible in decisions that affect them
· know about their rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The website has useful straightforward information about the work of the Children's Commissioner and has references and documents such as a survey on child and adolescent mental health services in Wales: Somebody Else’s Business? A report of a scoping exercise of child and adolescent mental health services in Wales in 2007.

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